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Since 2004, We have never lost focus on the passion and purpose of a criminal defense practice: our clients. We realize bad things happen to good people.

Facing criminal charges is an incredibly stressful and unpleasant experience. Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Newbould will be there fighting for you, every step of the way. Many law firms send an inexperienced and unknown lawyer to appear with you in court, without knowing you or anything about your case. We believe this is highly unprofessional and not in the best interests of you, our client. From your first court appearance to the last, Mr. Newbould will be personally present, well prepared, and keep you informed of all important case developments.

The Criminal Justice system is complex, impersonal, and unforgiving. You need a smart, aggressive lawyer on your side to fight your case. The police and prosecutor may not care if you are falsely accused. Worse yet, they may be too uninterested or busy to fully investigate your case to realize your innocence. Whether you are falsely accused of a crime or are in fact guilty does not matter. If the government cannot prove your guilt, you are presumed to be innocent. Mr. Newbould is not afraid to take your case to Jury Trial. If the evidence suggests you?re guilty, there are ways to mitigate any possible consequences. No matter your situation, we can help.

We provide exceptional legal representation in San Mateo County. Our localized knowledge of San Mateo County is a huge advantage in the courtroom. Relationships with Judges, Prosecutors and other Court Staff create a favorable environment in which to advocate on behalf of our clients. Our localized experience gives us a superior understanding of what typical sentencing ranges might be, and how best to mitigate, or completely avoid, a jail sentence. We believe in knowing the risks of taking any given course of action. Whether taking a case to trial, or negotiating a plea bargain, local knowledge and experience puts YOU in the best position possible.

We defend ALL infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies:

  • Alcohol Offenses: driving under the influence (DUI), minor in possession (MIP), drunk in public, furnishing alcohol to minors
  • Assault and Battery: simple assault, simple battery, assault with a deadly weapon, battery causing injury, any crime alleging great bodily injury
  • Domestic Violence: domestic battery, battery on cohabitant, false imprisonment, criminal threats, restraining order violations
  • Drug Offenses: simple possession (personal use), drug sales, drug transportation and distribution, possession with intent to sell, under the influence, drug paraphernalia
  • Theft and Property Crimes: petty theft, grand theft, petty theft with priors, vehicle theft, robbery, embezzlement, receiving stolen property, burglary (commercial and residential)
  • Sex Crimes: statutory rape, rape by force or violence, child molestation, possession of child pornography, sexual battery, sex offender registration violations
  • Medical Marijuana: possession, sales, transportation and delivery, cultivation, possession with the intent to sell
  • Harassment: stalking, annoying/harassing telephone calls, trespassing
  • Fish and Game Violations: unlawful taking of Abalone, fishing or hunting without a proper license
  • Identity theft: credit card fraud, possession of unauthorized personal information
  • Crimes Against the Vulnerable: elder abuse or endangerment, child abuse or endangerment, dependent adult abuse or endangerment
  • Nuisance Crimes: disturbing the peace, urination in public, vandalism
  • Gang Offenses: active participation in a street gang, crimes committed in furtherance of a street gang
  • Firearms and Weapons Violations: concealed dirk/dagger, loaded/concealed firearms, possession of a switchblade, failure to register an assault weapon, felon in possession of a firearm or ammunition
  • ALL Serious and Violent Felonies: attempted murder, arson, negligent discharge of a firearm, shooting at an occupied dwelling, mayhem…to name a few!
  • Three Strikes Prosecutions
  • Probation Violations
  • Expungements

Keep in mind, this is a partial list. If you are charged with any crime, contact experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Newbould.

We invite you to explore our website. If you are under investigation for criminal charges, have been formally charged, or are seeking to expunge a prior conviction, please contact us to discuss your legal options for achieving the best possible outcome. As always, all communications are confidential.

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